Restaurant Sauerkraut, Berlin

Our Specialties

All our specialties are based on top secret recipes and are handmade in our kitchen cellar


All tapas 3,50

1. veal roll filled with Black Forest ham, cranberries and wasabi
2. roasted goat cheese in nacho crust on baby leaf spinach (vegetarian)
3. sesame salmon, peas and lime purée
4. two dumplings with bacon and sauerkraut
5. beef fillet with horseradish with mixed raw vegetables
6. potato dumpling with apple chutney (vegetarian)
7. trout purée with wholegrain bread and salmon caviar
8. sugar snap peas in bacon with caraway sauerkraut
9. spicy lamb sausage with potato salad


Sauerkr aut soup (vegetarian) 4,00

- with dumplings 5,00

- with bacon 5,00

Beetroot soup (vegetarian) with beans and sour cream 5,00

Solyanka with smoked meat, sausages, olives and sour cream 5,00

Homemade Sheese-Spätzle (german PASTA)

with roasted onions (vegetarian) 10,00

with spinach and salmon 11,00

with beef and Black Forest ham 11,00

with chicken and fresh ch ampignons 11,00

with truffle, porcini mushrooms and parmesan cream 11,00

upgrade parmesan 1,00


salad with gratinated goat cheese 12,00


salad with marinated salmon 13,00

with sugar snap peas, soy dressing

salad with marinated veal steak 13,00

with baby spinach, celery and avocado


BURGER 180g 11,50

All burgers are served with potato wedges, sweetpotato fries, sauerkraut and babyspinach

– goatcheese burger (vegetarian): grilled vegetables, avocado and applechutney
– wrapped goatcheese in bacon, berry-mustard
– beef burger, 100% classic
– chicken burger, chicken breast in crispy flakes, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes
– veal burger with truffle and walnuts

Cheeseburger (100% beef) 13,00

cheddar cheese, parmesan-chip

Madame Butterfly 14,00

beef-ginger-burger with corianderpesto, prawns, avocado, suger snaps and teriyaki-sauce, served with sweetpotato fries and marinated sesame-carrots


Burger „Festival“ for one Person 12,00

choose 2 of the burgers (cheesburger, beef burger, veal burger)

Burger „Festival“ for two people 24,00

choose 4 of the burgers (cheesburger, beef burger, veal burger)

Upgrade 1,00

with cheese / goatcheese / bacon / avocado / jalapenos / grilled vegetables

Extra portion of sweetpot atofries 4,00