Restaurant Sauerkraut, Berlin

Four Course Meals

Kill The Butcher / vegetarian 19,00

- fried goat cheese in nacho crust on babyleaf spinach
- sauerkraut soup
- eggplant schnitzel, potato mash, beetroot carpaccio
- warm brownies, berry sorbet

Swabian Bastards 22,00

- beef filet with horseradish, mixed raw vegetables
- sauerkraut soup with dumplings
- fried noodles with ground beef and Black Forest ham
- apple strudel in a glass, blackcurrants

Johan´s Happy Duck 23,00

- spicy lamb sausage, potato salad
- sauerkraut soup with bacon
- beef burger 100% classic
- pancakes with vanilla ice cream

Igor´s Favourite 27,00

- two dumplings, sauerkraut with bacon
- solyanka
- veal schnitzel, potato salad, berry jam
- curd pancakes

You are not alone (for two people) 50,00

- tapas: vealroll stuffed with Black Forest ham, cranberries and wasabi, fried goat cheese in nacho crust on babyleaf spinach, sesame salmon, peas and lime purée
- beetroot soup
- strips of beef, shallots, porcini mushroom sauce, potato „rösti“, parmesan
- variation of desserts