Restaurant Sauerkraut, Berlin

Organic Egg Dishes:
Omelette / Fried Eggs / Scrambled Eggs

12 am - 4 pm

classic 5,00

with tomato and cheese 5,50

with bacon 5,50

with spinach and feta cheese 5,50

Eggs In A Basket 5,50

two fried eggs baked in toast

Farmer's breakfast 5,50

scrambled eggs with fried potatoes, ham and onions

Pulp Fiction 6,50

egg pancakes with maple syrup and fruits

From Russisa with love 6,90

two fried eggs on buckwheat with bacon, tomato salsa and roasted onions, served in a pan, optional with 4cl vodka

Goodbye Lenin 6,90

omelette with mushrooms and herbs

The Last Temptation 6,90

two fried eggs on tomato salsa with coriander, served in a pan (piquant)

From Dusk Till Dawn 6,90

omlette with chopped tomatoes (piquant), baby spinach and red bean puree, served with sweetpotato fries and avocado

Roman HolIday  6,90

omelette with cheese varieties (parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola and gouda) served with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes

Emmanuelle 6,90

omelette with ratatouille-vegetables and parmesan chip

Englishman in Berlin7,50

fried eggs sunny side up with bacon and French toast, lamb sausages, bean puree, baby spinach salad

Burger 9,00

with one fried egg (organic), marinated in soy-sauce, avocado and fresh cucumber