Restaurant Sauerkraut:
German Cuisine & Fastfood From Berlin

Restaurant Sauerkraut offers a new edition of the well-known food classics. Old-world sausage and new-world hamburger are standing opposite each other as honorable representatives of European and American fastfood tradition.



Restaurant Sauerkraut
Weinbergsweg 25
10119 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 - 66 40 83 55

Sunday – Sunday: from 12 pm to ...
Kitchen (warm dishes) open daily until 12 pm

Lunch Specials

Monday – Friday, 12 am – 4 pm.
All burgers and sausages are served with potato wedges, sweet potato fries, sauerkraut and baby spinach salad

Currywurst 7,50

Mini Burger with each 90 grams of meat 7,50

beef burger, 100% classic
veal burger with walnuts and truffle
lamb burger with eggplant

Upgrade 1,00

with cheese / goat cheese / bacon / avocado / jalapenos / grilled vegetables

Lunch Salad 5,00

salad of the day as a large portion

Four Course Meals

Kill The Butcher / vegetarian 19,00

- fried goat cheese in nacho crust on babyleaf spinach
- sauerkraut soup
- eggplant schnitzel, potato mash, beetroot carpaccio
- warm brownies, berry sorbet

Swabian Bastards 22,00

- beef filet with horseradish, mixed raw vegetables
- sauerkraut soup with dumplings
- fried noodles with ground beef and Black Forest ham
- apple strudel in a glass, blackcurrants

Johan´s Happy Duck 23,00

- spicy lamb sausage, potato salad
- sauerkraut soup with bacon
- beef burger 100% classic
- pancakes with vanilla ice cream

Igor´s Favourite 27,00

- two dumplings, sauerkraut with bacon
- solyanka
- veal schnitzel, potato salad, berry jam
- curd pancakes

You are not alone (for two people) 50,00

- tapas: vealroll stuffed with Black Forest ham, cranberries and wasabi, fried goat cheese in nacho crust on babyleaf spinach, sesame salmon, peas and lime purée
- beetroot soup
- strips of beef, shallots, porcini mushroom sauce, potato „rösti“, parmesan
- variation of desserts

Main Courses

eggplant schnitzel (vegetarian) 11,00

eggplant schnitzel, mashed potatoes, beetroot carpaccio, salad

„Mish-Mash“ 14,50

currywurst, gammon steak, pork apple sausage, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut

beef Stroganov 16,00

strips of beef, shallots, porcini mushroom sauce, potato „rösti“

schnitzel veal, potato salad, berry jam 17,50

Chicken Race 12,50

knuspriges Hühnchen, Süßkartoffelpommes, Erbsenpüree, hausgemachte Dips


Roasted Sausage 250g
All sausages are served with potato wedges, sauerkraut and baby-spinach

bavarian white sausage with homemade apple mustard 11,50

german sausage with curry (Currywurst) 11,50

pork sausage with apple and coriander 11,50

lamb sausage with fennel 11,50

„Zilli, Billi, Willi“ variation of sausages (for 2 people) 29,00

choose 3 sorts from our sausages

Pig Stuff

steak of pork neck 13,50

marinated in vodka, served with fried potato wedges and salad

fried dumplings 14,50

with spicy sweet potato and cheese filling, served with sweet pepper and bacon on pea lime sauce

„Miss Piggy“ 14,50

pork shank with wasabi apple crust, mashed peas, potato dumplings and beetroot carpaccio

„Winnie Pooh´s best friend“ 13,90

Pulled Pork Burger (24 hours marinated slow cooked handcut pork) with beetroot slaw, served with potato wedges and sweetpotato fries

„Adam´s ribs“ 15,50

crispy grilled pork ribs with sweet chili marinade, served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut


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